Time Travel: All Aboard!

  • Content gains value with time
  • "Past" hasn't been done right
  • We're the team to change that

Your Life Story...

...is being told by the digital content you produce. But so far, this content remains disaggregated and siloed across devices and services. We believe there’s a massive untapped opportunity in the history sections of today’s web services. We’re a young startup, backed by the same investors as foursquare, twitter, tumblr, and runkeeper and we’re building the ultimate personal history experience.

We're Team Timehop

  • Jweg1 Jweg2 Jweg3 Jweg4 Jweg5
    Jonathan Wegener, CEO @jwegener

    Before co-founding Timehop, Jonathan created Exit Strategy NYC and helped awesome startups including Groupme and LooseCubes with product development. He was selected as one of Silicon Alley’s Top 100 technologists.

  • Bdot1 Bdot2 Bdot3 Bdot4 Bdot5
    Benny Wong, CTO @bdotdub

    Before co-founding Timehop, Benny worked at Gilt Groupe where he built and launched the Gilt City website. Although he hasn't watched Mad Men, he insists on having a bottle of Bourbon on his desk at all times.

  • Kvn1 Kvn2 Kvn3 Kvn4 Kvn5
    Kevin Cantwell, Sr. Engineer @kevrone

    Kevin was plucked from the time-space continuum to help us put a halo around your personal history. His own checkered past took him from Wall St to Main St and finally to Silicon Alley. He bears no ill will towards Muggles and, in fact, enjoys their company quite a bit.

  • Swood1 Swood2 Swood3 Swood4 Swood5
    Sarah Wood, Product / Analyst @swooders

    Sarah wants to be Carl Sagan when she grows up. In the meantime, she likes to break things, make pretty graphs, and send people gifs of corgis. She also writes loud songs about science.

  • Ctrott1 Ctrott2 Ctrott3 Ctrott4 Ctrott5
    Chris Trott, Engineer @twocentstudios

    Chris previously worked on indie apps Vinylogue and BrightBus in Chicago before moving to New York. He's often found coining catchphrases, recording music, shooting things with a camera, and consuming the best that modern television has to offer.

  • Abe, Just Abe @abe

    Abe is your typical time hopping dinosaur (a timeosaur?!). He’s your guide through your digital past. He inherits his name from Abraham Lincoln, the mascot of our original product 4SquareAnd7YearsAgo.

  • Village A small village of friends

    It takes a village to raise a startup. We owe a big thank you to Rohan Deshpande, Sean Moon, Matt Raoul, Josh Aiello, Heather Miles, Vin Vacanti, Michael Galpert, Eric Friedman, David Tisch, Caren Maio, Lee Hoffman and more.

  • Could this be you?

    Damn right it could.

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We're Backed By

As well as Dennis Crowley, Naveen Selvadurai, Alex Rainert, Steve Martocci, Jared Hecht, Rick Webb and Kevin Slavin.