Your life isn't all on Facebook

Get the photos from your computer into Timehop.


Also available for Windows

Automatic Albums for Events

Rediscover forgotten friends and photos on the anniversary of their occurance with smart grouping in the Timehop app.


Photos Only!

Sync automagically finds photos from cameras and phones and skips screenshots, thumbnails and other non-memorable files.

Handles Duplicates

Have multiple copies of photos? Don't worry, sync skips copies. Just connect it to some folders and let it do the work!


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Lock_icon Private and Secure

We take privacy and security very seriously. Your photos are securely stored and you can easily delete them from Timehop at any time. Your photos remain completely private and are only visible to you. We collect your personal data to build a rich digital history experience that you love, not to sell it to third parties. For more, check out our privacy policy.