We Saved You a Seat

Remember when you made that sweet app while sipping bourbon next to an inflatable dinosaur? Nope? That's because it didn't happen yet. But it could! Come join the adventure.


As an Engineer here, you’ll be part of a small, wicked smart team with enormous opportunity to own, architect, test, and push the boundaries of your favorite platform in order to build the future of digital history (or as we jokingly say, “the future of the past”).

iOS Engineer

Android Engineer

When you apply, please include a link to your github account and give us a few lines as to why you think you're a good fit!

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Timehop But Were Afraid To Ask

We're a small startup with big ambitions: to make your digital past useful, accessible, and meaningful. Whereas most social services focus on real-time, Timehop focuses on bringing meaning to everything that’s been.

We believe photographs, tweets, posts, checkins, etc, all gain value with time. The average person now has digital archive of activity going back many years -- a comprehensive archive of their lives. People love reminiscing -- but that hasn't transferred over to a digital form. That's where we come in.

We build amazing products, are backed from all the right investors, and there's a giant opportunity in front of us: a chance to define an entirely new product category. People love what we add to their days. As a member of our small team, you'll get to put your fingerprints all over the product, be a key part in how it grows and evolves, and be part of shaping the conversation about how technology works with human memory.

We think years ahead, yet live in the past. Our office is a mix of futuristic technology and historic nintendo games (Goldeneye, anyone?) that creates an air of excitement and humor. We look forward to each day because we love what we do and we have serious fun doing it. You will too.

We do it all from the best city in the world, New York City. We have a beautiful office located in Tribeca.

One more thing. Expect memes. Lots of them

Where we’re going, we don’t need roads. Ready? We are.