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Remember when you made that sweet website while sipping bourbon and piloting an inflatable shark? No? That's because it didn't happen yet. But it could! Check out our available positions.

We're a small startup with big ambitions: to become the place to connect with friends around the past. Whereas the current batch of social services focus on real-time, Timehop focuses on anniversaries and bringing meaning and relevancy to old content

Content gains value with time. Photographs become *more* meaningful and valuable with the passing of time. The average person now has digital photos and a social media history going back many years -- a comprehensive archive of their lives. People love reminiscing -- but that hasn't transferred over to a digital form. That's where we come in.

We have a track record of building awesome products, backing from all the right investors, and a giant opportunity in front of us: a chance to define an entirely new product category. So far people love us. As a member of our small team, you'll have the opportunity to put your fingerprints all over the product and be a key part in how it grows and evolves.

We think years ahead, yet live in the past. Our office is a strange mix of futuristic technology and historic nintendo games (NHL '94 anyone?) with an air of excitement and humor. We're a tight knit team that's easy to get along with. We look forward to each day because we love what we do and we have serious fun doing it. You will too. 

We do it all from the best city in the world, New York City. We have a beautiful office located in SoHo/Chinatown.

Oh, also expect memesLots of them.

Lead Product Designer - April 2014

Design is the backbone of our company. We need a tenacious and ambitious designer hungry for tons of control and responsibility. You'll be the only designer in a company of 8 people, so you'll have near complete creative control and flexibility and you'll work directly with our awesome mobile engineers to turn your designs into reality.

We need someone with strong iPhone/Android design experience and a deep grasp of interaction design. But you won't just be making wireframes and photoshop/sketch files -- you'll help define the product, the user experience, write messaging, run in-person user testing sessions, and even dig into analytics. Truly a little bit of everything.

We believe there's a billion dollar opportunity in digital history and that together as a team we can capture that opportunity. Succeeding in this role means helping to build Timehop into a household name, a product hundreds of millions of people love, and a successful company.

Sound good? Let's talk! Drop us a line and include a list of things you've built or a link to your portfolio.

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Ruby on Rails Developer - April 2014

As an engineer on our small team, you'll be doing everything from tuning and modeling DynamoDB down to cutting CSS and HTML. You'll have the opportunity to architect a scalable, RoR-based system that gets hit by crazy amounts of traffic a day (over 8 users open timehop *every second* of the day). You should feel comfortable (and enjoy) writing features and pushing code at a freakishly fast pace. We pour our time into 90% use cases, and we don't sweat the small stuff. We believe complexity is a cost.

Our stack is currently Ruby on Rails, DynamoDB as our main store (w/ some postgres thrown in), jQuery, Compass/SASS, rspec, and some node.js. We use git, run everything through CI, and have > 99% code coverage.

We do it all from the best city in the world, New York City. We have a beautiful office located in Manhattan's Flatiron District.

Sound good? Let's talk! Drop us a line and include a list of things you've built, a brief bio, and your online profiles (Github, Stackoverflow, personal website, etc).

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